What Moorhead students may deal with when getting an apartment


For those who diss the dorms, here’s something to remember: Tyler Sorenson writes in The Advocate at Minnesota State University – Moorhead an open letter to resident managers of apartment complexes that cater to students.

Here are some the issues he raises in his cornpone style:

September 8, 2011

Dear Resident Managers,

… You probably won’t even remember little ol’ me with all those tenants and all. I used to live in your fancy apartment building — you know, the blue and gray warehouse next to the Jiffy Lube?

… How could I forget the move-in day? … I’m not gonna lie, I was ignorant of the fact that there was dust on our ceiling fan till you pointed it out. But like you said, we wouldn’t need to worry about that till we moved out 14 months later.

Sorry I put you on the spot that day when I asked for a copy of our lease agreement. You were right to not remember to give it to me.

… But boy howdy, it sure was a shock when you told us recently that our lease was 13 months ‘stead’a the 14 that I thought it was. And how we automatically renewed our lease for another year when we paid the 14th month’s rent? That smarts, I’ll tell ya what. At that time, I wished I had that rental agreement on me like stink on a polecat!

The thing that perplexed me was, I had sent you one of them electronic letters a few weeks before that, on account’a I was moving out and needed verification from my new place. I brought up the 14 month lease then and wasn’t told otherwise. I thought you could’a corrected me or something and prevented the whole situation.

… It’s too bad that when we gave you our we’re-moving-see-you-later letter — typed up all businesslike and everything — you said it was too late. It was ‘specially too bad too, considering we turned it in when you told us to. But you said you had been “confused” earlier. Your one job task confuses you? Shucks, I can relate to that!

Read the full letter here.