What you can eat for breakfast at South Central College

South Central cafeteria

Finally some time to gather my thoughts and get a little grub.

I’m in the college cafeteria, the Crossroads Cafe, which is fairly quiet except for a business breakfast in the adjoining room.

South Central breakfast

The cafe has the usual food-on-the-go — packaged breakfast sandwiches, granola, pieces of fruit in a bowl — and a little coffee bar in the back with mochas, lattes and the like.

Some students from the college’s culinary program are manning the brunch buffet, but I’ll leave that to the business types.

Breakfast for me is a ham, egg and cheese biscuit with some bottled OJ.

I wolf it down and blog a little before a couple of cheerful student senators introduce themselves, and I realize I have a chat in a few minutes with the president.


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