UMN President Kaler tells 3M that America faces a "crisis in science education"

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler delivered a speech to hundreds of 3M scientists and engineers on Thursday.

Kaler thanked 3M for fostering a close relationship with the U over the years.  3M has given millions to the U for scholarships and endowed chairs.  The company also aggressively recruits U of M grads and provides plenty of internships.

But Kaler also made a call to action: please help improve science education.

 If we as scientists and citizens don’t work on this matter now and in a large way — if we don’t push our political leaders to make science a priority in our national investments — our sons and daughters will not benefit from the kinds of discoveries that we have enjoyed because of the thoughtful investments of our parents and grandparents.

The crux of Kaler’s message: this country is falling behind when it comes to educating young people in the sciences.  He said reversing that trend will require higher education to work closely with corporations.

You can find Kaler’s full speech on the University of Minnesota’s website.