This glance at finances could be interesting: University finance scholar Howard Bunsis will be presenting the lecture, “Is There Really a Financial Crisis at the University of Minnesota?” at the U’s Coffman Union on Friday, Oct. 7, from noon to 2 p.m. Bunsis, an attorney, professor at Eastern Michigan University and secretary-treasurer of the association’s Read more

Get out your net-price calculator Many college administrators, college-bound students, and media observers are beginning to realize that 2011 marks a major change in the college cost information available to those deciding which school to choose. The full ramifications of the availability of the new planning tool are just beginning to become clear. (The Washington Post) The Read more

U’s Kill in Mayo Clinic after another seizure The Gophers football coach suffered another seizure Sunday morning, and despite his vow last week to keep working even as the problem recurred more than 20 times, Kill decided to take steps to get the seizures under control.  (Star Tribune) For-Profit Colleges, Vulnerable G.I.’s Military personnel and their families Read more

I’m sure you’ve read everywhere (including here), how complicated the college selection-and-finance game is. Students have to: find the college that fits their needs and personality; get an education that both broadens their intellectual horizons; earn a degree that helps them get a rewarding job out of school; and do all that without breaking the Read more