Notes in the Margins: Stimulus money, placement tests and presidential PR

Cut the cord between college football and the NFL We need to make drastic, fundamental changes that end college football’s role as the National Football League’s sole development agency and removing the nonstudent players from campus so America’s universities can focus on their real mission: education. (The Kansas City Star via University Business)

How the Other Half Tests Millions of Americans are denied the chance to take college-level courses by a downscale version of the SAT. (Washington Monthly via The Washington Post)

Presidents: Welcome to campus! Wanna shoot hoops? With tuition higher than ever, many students and their hovering parents expect the president to be accessible and personable. Just a generation ago, these leaders could hide behind a closed office door and a secretary who books appointments. Today, the ear of the president is often just an angry e-mail, tweet or Facebook post away. (The Washington Post)

The Net Price Calculator: Financial Aid ‘Game-Changer’? By the end of October, all U.S. college Web sites will be required, by Federal law, to offer a Net Price Calculator to assist families in their financial planning. (The New York Times)

Tuition hikes fail to stop cutbacks in higher ed America’s public colleges and universities have burned through nearly $10 billion in government stimulus money and are still facing more tuition hikes, fewer course offerings and larger class sizes. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)