Notes in the Margins: Grad rates, responsible conduct and the spending gap

Tales from the admissions office As an admissions officer at a university, the students I work with continually amaze me and help keep me going through the long, exhaustive admissions season. (USA Today)

U.S. falls in global ranking of young adults who finish college America’s global rank in college completion among young adults is slipping, according to a report released Tuesday, signaling that the higher education ambitions of other nations are progressing at a swifter pace. The analysis comes two years after President Obama sought to stir the nation’s competitive spirit with a pledge to retake the lead by 2020. (The Washington Post)

America’s college education problem Is America’s traditional four-year approach the right one? Are most students well served by this model? As much as I would like to give a definitive yes – I have taught at two major research universities – I’m not so sure. (CNN)

For-profit colleges release “responsible conduct” standards A coalition of for-profit colleges has released a set of industry standards for “responsible conduct,” a response to heightened scrutiny from federal regulators. The U.S. Education Department has tightened regulatory control of for-profit colleges over the past year, out of concern that some institutions lured students with false promises and heavy-handed recruiting tactics and then loaded them up with debt. (The Washington Post)

Spending Inequity in Colleges Has Risen As income inequality has increased in the United States over the last decade, so too has the gap between rich and poor colleges and universities. (The New York Times)