Kaler's thing for Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

While discussing his tour of the state during his presidential report, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler caused a few chuckles with this:

“Along the way, besides chatting with hundreds of Minnesotans, I have had the pleasure of communicating with a series of (mostly) friendly counter clerks at Dairy Queen.

Thankfully, Dairy Queen is a Minnesota company and a huge friend of the U. The vice chair of the University of Minnesota Foundation is the former Dairy Queen CEO, Chuck Mooty.

My new goal is to visit the local Dairy Queen everywhere I go. I’ll post my progress on the Web. It will be fun. For you, I have a special after-lunch treat today — a Dilly Bar, which I may eat here at the meeting.

I will stop (my report) here … because I always stop at Dairy Queen.”

Yeah, that last sentence caused a mild groan.