How one reader would like college rankings to change

MPR reader Jordan Lockman echoes some of the sentiments of University of Michigan higher education scholar Michael Bastedo when commenting on MPR’s Facebook question, Do rankings of colleges reflect the true performance and standing of an institution?

“I would pay more attention to the rankings of individual programs inside different Universities. It would also be better if the rankings were in part formed by either employers or graduates of different programs.”

Bastedo has advocated the ranking of departments, rather than whole institutions, both because of the varying quality of programs in colleges and universities, and because he thinks faculty keep a closer eye on the programs of other schools in their fields.

Read about Bastedo’s research — and how some in Minnesota higher education view rankings — in my report here.

His original article is here, and he also has a fuller article on his proposed changes here, though a subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education is required for access.