Why the GOP won't be recruiting at Mac anytime soon

As if anyone here didn’t know it already, Macalester College topped the Princeton Review list of the country’s most liberal colleges, The Huffington Post reports.

So far, Macalester has been called “trendy” and nerdy, as well as among the least religious, among other things.

I’ll try to look at the full Princeton rankings at some point, along with the U.S. News & World Report lists, which come out next month.


  • You might want to do some fact checking on your headlines before just throwing that out there. A Republican group does exist on campus. MacGOP was founded last year.

    • Alex Friedrich

      Hey, Tyler, just using hyperbole.
      But I do take your point and will watch those headlines.
      Thanks for the note.

    • Anonymous

      Actually MacGOP has been around for a while. At least 6 years in my personal knowledge, probably longer. But it is a relatively small organization, especially when compared to the many left leaning groups on campus such as MacDems, MPIRG, SDS, MacCARES, etc. etc.