Why St. Cloud's Move-In Weekend may be a tad more complicated this year


St. Cloud State University has announced that the city’s new traffic roundabout  — located at University Drive and Fifth Avenue South — will still be under construction during Move-In Weekend, which starts Saturday.

This weekend, the university states, is “one of the busiest traffic periods in the St. Cloud State academic year.”


Let’s wish them good luck. I’ve got a call in for details.

Update: I just talked to Sgt. David Introne of St. Cloud State’s public safety department. He says the construction could make things a little confusing for those students living off-campus, because the north-south corridor will be cut off. That will force students to make their way east-west, which could involve a bit more hassle.

But students moving into the dorms shouldn’t have a problem, he said. They and their parents should just follow the handouts they’ve been given, and follow the detour signs, which should guide them to the section of campus where they’re supposed to check in.

(It should also funnel those drivers who in past years may have tried to find their own way and gotten lost.)

In any case, he said he wasn’t expecting any big bottlenecks.