Where's the smackdown on the Seminole and Illini college mascots?


A reader named John saw an NCAA double-standard in the controversy over the University of North Dakota’s use of the “Fighting Sioux” nickname and mascot.

Here’s his comment on MPR’s Question of the Day, Is the University of North Dakota doing the right thing in retiring the Fighting Sioux nickname?

I believe it is hypocritical to change the name of the Fighting Sioux. The NCAA has been making money hand of fist on fighting Sioux clothing and memorabilia the past 75+ years and will continue to make money on items until the name and logo are retired. UND does not really even have a “mascot” they have a name in honor of the Sioux and a logo create by another Native American. Also why is that Florida Seminal and the Illinois Illini continue to use their Native America logs, names, and mascots? Oh yeah, they Florida and Illinois bring in big money to the NCAA and their tribes “agree” with the usage of their name. So if the NCAA can get big money from schools they can have any name they want and it is not “hostile and abusive”?? This makes no sense.

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