Rosenstone: We must keep education fairly local

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system Chancellor Steven Rosenstone tells MinnPost his view of providing access to students over such a large state:

“If you spend your entire life in the Twin Cities, you just don’t have a sense of how hard it is to ensure that we’re providing access to students across the state until you get out there and see it firsthand.

I think also some people have a stereotype of people going to college — that it means picking up, getting in the car, driving 300 miles and living in a dorm. Many of our students have families, many of our students are older and many are working part time or full time in addition to going to school.

The idea that they can drive 300 miles round trip every day to go to school or that they can pick up and spend $26,000 a year to live in dorms to go to college is a misunderstanding of the students that we need to serve for Minnesota to have the workforce it needs.”

A preview of his stance on campus consolidation in the years to come?

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