Notes in the Margins: Vegans, black scientists and College Board riches

University opens nation’s first Vegan cafeteria North Texas is winning praise from animal welfare advocates, even if its officials didn’t set out to make a statement. (USA Today)

Have B-Schools become debtors’ prisons? MBA grads are shouldering record levels of debt as tuition rates head skyward, making the degree a risky investment that’s not often approached with caution or restraint. (CNN Money via NAICU)

Not-For-Profit College Board Getting Rich as Fees Hit Students Concerns exist that the College Board’s improved revenue has come at the expense of students and their families, who pay hundreds of dollars in fees even before they apply to college, parents, admissions officials and high school counselors said. (Bloomberg via NAICU)

Black scientists lag whites in government funding Black scientists are less likely than whites to win research dollars from the National Institutes of Health, says a study released Thursday that is prompting changes at the premier science agency. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Stores offering designer dorm gear for the college-bound Long gone, it seems, are the days of grabbing milk crates and grandma’s extra quilt and making do. Students prepared to spend $100,000 on an undergraduate degree increasingly are willing to invest in transforming the dorm into something closer to a first apartment. (The Washington Post)