Notes in the Margins: Parents, female MBAs and the Hershey's sweatshop

Why parents should leave their kids alone at college How much contact between college students and their parents is too much? The Second Annual Survey on College Parent Expectations indicated that 72.5 percent of parents communicate with their college students at least 2 or 3 times per week. If parents wish to foster independence, this number of weekly contacts may be excessive, depending on the purpose of the communication. (The Washington Post via NAICU)

More Women Head to School for M.B.A.s Many schools are working to attract females and offer programs to improve the academic experience. (US News & World Report)

The Tarnished State of California’s Golden College System As the state continues to strip its schools’ budgets, it’s seen as less of a role model for how to use education to build a strong economy. (Time)

The Hidden Costs of Higher Ed Though payment plans have undoubtedly allowed a greater number of modest-income students to go to college, they can actually end up unintentionally raising tuition costs. While the plans typically don’t charge a fee for payments made by check or direct deposit, they tack on a hefty charge for credit card payments. (The New York Times via NAICU)

Protesting Foreign Students At Hershey’s Factory Reject Trip Students walked off the job at an Exel Inc.-run facility, saying the work was so strenuous and low-paying that they were unable to see very much of the country they came to visit and that they were angry at having spent thousands of dollars to participate in the program. The students hold J-1 visas, which supply resorts and other businesses with cheap seasonal labor as part of a program aimed at fostering cultural understanding. (The Huffington Post)