Notes in the Margins: Hazing, dropouts and the Virginia earthquake

 A Pledge to End Fraternity Hazing It’s time for fraternities and sororities to end pledging nationally; Cornell students can help lead the way. (The New York Times)

Financial Competence for College Students One of the reasons the masses have lost financial hope is because of a lack of a proper education. Students don’t know how to manage these funds effectively and now groups like the Student Credit Card Education Initiative (SCCE), are helping to educate students on the financial issues that matter to them the most. (The Huffington Post)

UCLA law professor opposes naming institute after Lowell Milken Alumnus linked to Wall Street junk bond scandal donates $10 million to help found a business law institute. Lynn A. Stout says he is not ‘an appropriate model’ for students and will hurt UCLA’s reputation. (Los Angeles Times)

Earthquake rocks East Coast campuses At Virginia Tech, an engineering college communications coordinator thought a construction crane had hit the building. At George Washington University, a student thought a nearby building was being demolished. Another thought an underground train was passing. (The Washington Post)

College Dropouts Cost The Government Billions Of Dollars According to a new study, college dropouts can be surprisingly costly. The American Institutes for Research surveyed 1.1 million incoming college students in 2002 who were set on graduating school. After 6 years, almost 500,000 dropped out, costing the governement 4.5 billion dollars of lost tax revenue and potential income. (The Huffington Post)