Notes in the Margins: Cold showers, free speech and out-of-state applications

University of Kentucky revokes student reporter’s access to athletes When Kernel editor and basketball reporter Aaron Smith attempted to interview two walk-ons for the UK basketball team without first contacting Media Relations, his access to a set of one-on-one interviews with basketball players was revoked. The statement by the Associated Press Managing Editors said the level of abuse of free speech demonstrated by the university is not tolerated at schools in other states and is “paticularly abhorrent at a taxpayer institution.” (Kentucky Kernel)

Cold showers at college It is entirely unfair that some colleges and universities, including those that charge more than $50,000 a year, can’t ensure that kids get a hot shower. (The Washington Post)

Three-fifths of colleges get C or worse in general education An analysis of core education requirements at 1,007 colleges found that three-fifths of those schools require three or fewer of seven basic subjects, such as science, math and foreign language. The report’s sponsors, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, has set out to illustrate the failings of America’s colleges in requiring students to learn essential subjects over the course of their education. (The Washington Post)

Recent High School Grads Regret Class Selections Many 2010 graduates found college more challenging than they were expecting. (U.S. News & World Report)

The Latest (Secret) College Admissions Trend One of the best-kept secrets in college admissions this coming year is that many top state universities will be admitting more out-of-state applicants than they ever have. This opens up a whole new group of schools that were formerly much more difficult to get into.  (Forbes via NAICU)