Notes in the Margins: Addicts, parents and fitness tests

Campus Life 101: Staying Sober Colleges set up courses, scholarships and centers to welcome recovering addicts. (The Wall Street Journal)

The delicate art of parenting a college student College administrators have found that today’s millennial students — along with their late-Baby Boomer and early-Generation X parents — often need more hand-holding than generations before. (The Washington Post)

Pop Quiz: Why Are Tuitions So High? College students and their families have struggled to pay for the rising cost of tuition, a cost that has been driven in part by swelling administrative expenses. (Investor’s Business Daily via NAICU)

Smartphones Have Influenced Higher Education As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, their influence is extending onto college campuses, where they are used for a variety of purposes. (U.S. News & World Report via University Business)

College requires fitness assessment for freshmen Coker College is requiring all freshmen to take a mandatory fitness assessment as South Carolina moves up on the “Fattest States” list. (USA Today)