What policies would go in a shutdown agreement?


MPR’s Catharine Richert reports that Gov. Mark Dayton has announced he’ll agree to a GOP pre-shutdown offer to end the current shutdown stalemate:

Dayton set three conditions. He wants the GOP to drop policy changes included in earlier proposals, such as a ban on taxpayer funded abortion and a ban on cloning. He also wants the GOP to drop their proposed 15 percent across the board cut in the public employee workforce and he wants at least a $500 million bonding bill.

I’m thinking the main policy issues of interest to higher-ed that would be dropped under an offer acceptable to Dayton would include the following, which were in the conference committee bill that was rejected by the governor:

  • Anti-cloning amendment (as mentioned above): State funds or federal funds funneled through the state could not be used to support “human cloning” or pay for related expenses.
  • Credit transfers: MnsCU would have to provide progress reports and numbers of transfers, as well study successful transfer systems in other states.
  • For-profit grad schools: The state would study how for-profits carry out their graduate education programs for Minnesota students, examining students’ rights and responsibilities.

There might be others, such as a passage holding private colleges not liable for any breaches of confidential information that might occur after they give the data to the state Office of Higher Education as required by law. (Small stuff, though, and not particularly controversial.)

I’m not sure about tuition guarantee plan, college savings plan or performance goals attached to MnSCU and University of Minnesota funding, since they do have financial components, but might not be considered raw appropriations.

Have I missed anything of interest?