Professors gone wild

No, we’re not talking spring break here.

Former Wall Street Journal editor Naomi Schaefer Riley takes a shot at tenure and the “lazy,” “incompetent” and “distracted” professors she says protects them when she discusses her book,The Faculty Lounges: And Other Reasons Why You Won’t Get The College Education You Pay For on her old paper’s video segment OpinionJournal.

Academia is quite an Easy Street as she tells it.

Here’s a recent interview she gave The Hechinger Report about the book and how she views tenure, and here’s a piece by Inside Higher Ed.


  • AT55105

    It would be great to have more reporting about what Schaefer Riley claims in the interview. Or at least links to the studies she says support her claims (that students learn more in high school than they do in college, that academic freedom is not important to most faculty because they teach intro courses (??), etc.

    • Alex Friedrich

      Unfortunately, at this time (especially with this being my first day back from vacation) a full reporting job on a nationally available book is outside the scope of this normally Minnesota-focused blog. I do appreciate your curiosity, and I meant the post as a heads-up on the book. I have included some links for further reading, so I hope that helps.