Notes in the Margins: Paychecks, need-blind admissions and the 1.5 GPA

College presidents’ paychecks raise brows There’s probably not a very good time to announce that a college president is going to be making $100,000 more than his predecessor. The California State University System probably picked one of the worst. (USA Today)

For the underdogs: Scholarship open to 1.5 GPA students Most students who receive the scholarship do have higher grades. But the mother of the student it is named for says her son would have liked the idea of giving less-than-brilliant scholars a helping hand. (Suburban Journals via University Business)

No more collegiate “Glee” parodies, please In today’s higher education climate, where parents and legislators are asking just how much bang they get for their tuition bucks, how can colleges and universities best take advantage of Facebook, Twitter or YouTube without chasing the latest fad willy-nilly, like football coaches pursuing the Notre Dame job? (The Washington Post)

‘Need-Blind’ Admissions: Fact or Fiction? By its very definition, ‘need-blind’ college admissions is difficult to achieve. (U.S. News & World Report)

Open-Access Advocate Is Arrested for Huge Download Harvard researcher and Internet folk hero Aaron Swartz has been arrested for allegedly hacking into networks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to download articles. (The New York Times)