Notes in the Margins: Fees, textbooks and pricey Calif. presidents

Colleges boost student fees to fill gaps in state funding Colleges are tacking on mandatory fees at a time when funding is declining. Meanwhile, lawmakers are demanding transparency. (USA Today)

Gov. blasts California universities’ hiring of pricey presidents Gov. Jerry Brown has criticized leaders of California’s public universities for recruiting highly paid “hired guns” from across the country to run campuses instead of looking for home-grown talent that might be willing to work for lower salaries. (Los Angeles Times)

Give up sex to not lug college texts? So they say Many college students would go to great lengths to avoid carrying textbooks, with some even willing to give up sex and dating for a year, according to a new survey. (Tech News Dailiy via MSNBC)

Quick Response codes catching on in higher education Quick Response codes to connect institutional print material with online resources – two-dimensional colorless images commonly used in South Korea and Japan and readable by smart phone cameras – are gradually catching on in American higher education, and there is no shortage of ideas for how the codes could be used on campus. (eCampus News)

California Dream Act backers look to the next step A day after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law giving thousands of illegal immigrant college students access to private scholarship funds, immigrant advocates said they are aiming for a far bigger prize: California public grants. (Los Angeles Times)