How St. Cloud State is tackling student drinking


St. Cloud State, a school that has made this blog’s party coverage, has drawn some positive attention from Campus Safety magazine for its efforts to curb student drinking:

… St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minn., has battled its reputation as a party school through the development of a collaborative program between the school and its surrounding community.

… Since then, St. Cloud has increased penalties for students who violate the alcohol policy and removed alcohol paraphernalia from campus events. The university is also in the process of developing a residential-based recovery program for students with substance abuse issues.

… (Assistant Dean of Students for Chemical Health and Outreach Programming) Robert Reff’s efforts have reduced student binge drinking at the university to three percent below the national average. He collaborated with the city police department and the court system to change the way underage student drinkers were penalized.

You can read more about St. Cloud State’s efforts here and get some tips on how to address substance abuse on campus.

And here’s a write-up the university got from the local paper last fall on the same subject.