How med students are mistreated at the U

“It’s a culture that values performance and punishes poor performance with personal humiliation.”

— Chris Thompson, a fourth-year University of Minnesota medical student on the culture of harassment of students at the U’s medical school.

In a recent survey, 14.5% of students there reported they’d been mistreated — a figure that’s actually below the national rate of 17 percent.

The school with the most “abnormal” results?

Duluth, where five students — or 12 percent of the medical school’s first-year class — reported feeling mistreated.

Note: The Daily has pulled the story for editing, citing questions about the accuracy of some of the data reported. Managing Editor Robert Downs said he hoped to have the fixed version up by around 2 p.m. (my calculation). From my conversation, however, it doesn’t appear that the questions change the main points in the story.

The story is up.

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