Court: U can discipline student for Facebook posts

“Who knew embalming lab was so cathartic! I still want to stab a certain someone in the throat with a trocar though.[4] Hmm..perhaps I will spend the evening updating my “Death List #5” and making friends with the crematory guy. I do know the code . . . .

“Amanda Beth Tatro gets to play, I mean dissect, Bernie (her cadaver) today. Let’s see if I can have a lab void of reprimanding and having my scalpel taken away. Perhaps if I just hide it under my sleeve…”

— Facebook postings by former University of Minnesota mortuary-science student Amanda Tatro in late 2009, for which she was disciplined by U officials. The Court of Appeals has ruled she did not have a free-speech right when she made those comments about a cadaver, and that they “disrupted the work and discipline of the university.”

Read the take by MPR’s Bob Collins here, which has a link to the court’s full opinion..