What would MnSCU do in a government shutdown?

Looks like we’ll get an idea tomorrow morning.

Just got this from MnSCU:

Emergency Meeting Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees will convene an emergency meeting pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 13D.04, subd. 3 (2010) at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

The meeting will be at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Wells Fargo Place, Fourth Floor, Board Room, 30 Seventh Street East, St. Paul.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the system implications of a possible shutdown of state government and any action needed by the Board to continue operating after June 30 or to prepare for a possible shutdown. Some members of the Board may participate by phone. The meeting may begin up to 45 minutes before the posted time if its prior meeting adjourns early.

  • AnonFaculty

    MnSCU board members should make sure that faculty who opted for the 12 month pay option on their 9 month contracts get a lump sum payment for their work before the shutdown.  The money is in last year’s budget, so it is already committed.  All the shutdown does is prevent the faculty (myself included) from getting paid for work already done.

  • MnSCU Employee

    MnSCU is in a unique position as a semi-independent State agency. Since we’re funded by tuition payments (federal financial aid etc.), as well as State money we can operate for a period of time without any ill effects. The issue, as far as we’ve been told, is that we need approval from a judge to spend any money that we have past the fiscal year deadline. Basically, our check card has expired, and we need permission to get a new one.

    As I understand it, in previous shutdown situations MnSCU has continued to operate as normal with this approval in place. I’m sure that tomorrow’s meeting is focused on starting the legal process for getting our spending approval so that we don’t need to halt operations. 

    I can’t imagine the mess we’d be in if we cancelled summer term before it finished…