U of M regents taking public comments on 2012 budget

The University of Minnesota board of regents is taking feedback from the public, and from members of the university community, on the 2012 budget proposal until 1pm today.

So far we’ve heard from a few employees, some who support the budget proposal, others who say it falls too heavily on the shoulders of the U’s lowest paid workers.

The forum is being web streamed live on the U of M’s site.

  • Anonymous

    This kabuki is getting a little old.

    Deans are trotted up to say everything is wonderful and disgruntled – rightfully – low end of the totem poll folks complain about their obviously hard lot.

    This year’s open forum was restricted to budgetary matters.

    Why doesn’t the Board of Regents have an open forum at every meeting – perhaps only 30 minutes – in which any topic can be brought up.  No administrators allowed since the administration basically already has free access to the board.