The backlash against co-ed dorms

Our friends on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midmorning program will take up the issue of co-ed dorms this morning during the 10 o’clock hour.

Is there a backlash against co-ed residence halls? Catholic University in Washington, D.C. just announced plans to phase out co-ed dorms with the hope of fighting a culture of binge drinking and casual sex.

Back in the day, I was a resident assistant on a co-ed dorm floor at the University of South Dakota, and assumed the worst would happen with 80 young men and women living on floor.  But I didn’t see much “dating” between the men and women on the floor, in fact the guys were pretty respectful (and protective) of their female floormates, who they saw as adopted sisters.

Of course as my two daughters approach college age I may see things differently.

You can listen to the show on the radio, or on-line, just click the “Listen Now” button on our homepage.

And if you’ve got some experience with co-ed dorms, please call in.

  • Babeaty

    Unfortunately, I missed the show and my chance to call in. The question I always have in these discussions is what about same-sex relationships? How were they looked at in these studies and plans.

    My daughter recently graduated from a women’s college. She didn’t drink or smoke in high school. Now she does both. She may have done her share of binge drinking, but I doubt she has done as much as she has witnessed. As for “hooking up?” Is anyone else familiar with the term “college lesbian?”

    In short, while my daughter got an amazing college education and experience,  her exposure to drinking, drugs, casual sex and relationship drama at this “safe” women’s college was far greater than mine at a coed university where I lived with men for four years.

    Sometimes I think we try to use single sex education and housing a simple solution to a very complex issue.

    • Tim Post

      Good points Babeaty, and I hope that was part of the discussion. I was working on something else and didn’t hear the show either.