Notes in the Margins: International students, fed jobs for grads, Blawk Hawk parents

Hunt is on for overseas college students Cost, distance and lingering fears about visa denials in the post-9/11 era have helped make the USA less attractive to foreign students, threatening a lucrative market that is a source of brain power and diversity for U.S. colleges. (USA Today)

Calling All Leaders At a Senate hearing Tuesday on inspiring students to seek federal government work, one thing was clear: the feds need to do a better job of recruiting and hiring recent graduates. What was less clear was whether they know how. (Inside Higher Ed)

Black Hawk frowns In the US, mothers and fathers have made their presence increasingly felt on campus, earning themselves the well-worn nickname “helicopter parents” in the process. But these days, their feelings of anxiety, the frequency of their contact, the volume of their complaints and the capricious nature of their demands have reached such a fevered level that the label has changed: they have become “Black Hawk parents”. (Times Higher Education)