Notes in the Margins: For-profit rules, ROTC and MBA jobs

Big student debt could limit schools’ aid access The government is moving forward with its crackdown on the country’s for-profit schools, aiming to protect students from taking on too much debt to attend schools that do nothing for their job prospects. (The Boston Globe)

Once A Campus Outcast, ROTC Is Booming At Universities Helped by the recession, more active recruiting and a sea change in student perceptions of the military, ROTC programs on college campuses are thriving. And some elite schools like Stanford and Harvard are welcoming ROTC back for the first time in decades. (Los Angeles Times)

M.B.A. Graduates See Jobs Return After two years of sharp declines in hiring, M.B.A. students are having more success landing jobs, and getting them earlier, than during the depths of the financial crisis. (Wall Street Journal)

Coaching and Much More for Chinese Students Looking to U.S. In the United States, students have long turned to independent college counselors, but in recent years, larger outfits have entered the market, offering full-service designer courses, extracurricular activities and focused application assistance. These services have spread to the fast-growing and lucrative market in China. (The New York Times)

Rutgers President’s Contract Ensured Him Highest Salary Among Professors After Resignation When Rutgers President Richard McCormick steps down next year to return to teaching history, he will be the highest paid professor at the state university, campus officials said Tuesday. (The Star-Ledge via University Business)