Capella University: Feds took some of our advice

Just got this e-mailed reaction from Capella University — a Minneapolis for-profit institution focusing on graduate education — regarding today’s release of the gainful employment rules for for-profit schools:

“While we are still in the process of carefully reviewing the new gainful employment regulations to assess the impact they will have on our programs and learners, we are very pleased to see it appears the Department has taken some of the recommendations made by Capella into consideration in the development of the final regulations. This is especially true as it relates to graduate programs, which make up the vast majority of Capella University’s offerings.

However, we still believe that the first and most important step in measuring the return on investment for students and taxpayers begins with measuring academic quality, not just debt. And in that respect, all institutions should be held to the same standard.

We look forward to working with the Department over the next year to gain greater clarity as they move toward implementation of these complicated regulations.”