Can college help you generate entrepreneurial ideas?


We’ve received a number of comments on yesterday’s question of the day, Would you take $100,000 to forgo college?

As I mentioned in my post, it stems from news that the Thiel Foundation is offering some young people $100,000 to skip college and pursue their entrepreneurial ideas instead.

I’ve heard a lot recently about how students must learn to be entrepreneurs — such as in this lame promotional video — and such posts usually launch discussions about the meaning and value of a college education. They’re all good debates, though the original question is actually a fairly narrow one.

That’s why I think reader Paul hit it on the head with his comment:

Starting a business requires both financing and a good idea. When I was 19 I had neither. If someone had given me $100k to start a business, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do with it. College helped with that – I learned a bit about running a business (and many other things about life) but still have no great entrepreneurial ideas. I’m not sure that either money or education can help generate those.

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