6 words of advice for the Class of 2011


We’re on that commencement roll.

MPR’s Today’s Question gives you a chance to chime in (in a way) on today’s Midmorning program on commencement speakers, which had listeners offer their words of wisdom for the Class of 2011.

The question:

What message would you give the class of 2011, if you had only six words to say it?

I’ve looked through the batch so far.

A number were like Micah’s — earnest and thoughtful:

Do justice. Love kindness. Be humble.

Some had sober financial messages, such as this one from Lawrence:

Prosperity – gone! Save money! Avoid debt!

Sue de Nim offered a touch choice:

Cheap. Easy. Worthwhile. Choose any two.

And Neil’s comment, perhaps, was the toughest:

We rented out your bedroom.