Why some students aren't notifying colleges today


Today is National Candidate Reply Date, when when students have to notify the colleges they want to attend.

(It’s normally May 1, but I’m told the vast majority of colleges have moved this postmark date to May 2 because of the weekend.)

But that’s not the case with all students and colleges. Joe Wicklund, admissions counselor for the College of St. Scholastica, told me this morning:

“Deadlines to this group (of incoming students) are not as critical. They are taking as long as they possibly can to make their decision. The universal reply date of May (2) is not as important. They’ll push into mid-May to get that last piece of financial aid or look at that last school. It makes sense for them, considering everything they keep hearing about federal changes to the Pell Grant, and funding (cuts) in Minnesota.”