Which professors would best survive a zombie attack?


Couldn’t resist this:

Six University of California – Santa Barbara professors from different fields recently duked it out in the university’s second Zombie Debate, in which they had to explain why people in their field were best equipped to survive a zombie attack.

The faculty hailed from communication, religious studies, psychology, engineering, biology, and English and comparative literature.

The Bottom Line describes the debate:

Each professor used a different tactic to sway audience members, ranging from (the communication professor’s) use of digital maps to show where zombies had attacked and Twitter feeds to get updates on what was going on, to (the religious-studies professor’s) surprising the audience by pulling out a chainsaw to prove his point that the Religious Studies Department employs the necessary tools.

(The biologist) offered a certificate as an incentive to vote for him and explained how, since biologists aren’t squeamish, they are useful in deciding “what’s what, what goes where, and what [body part] one can do without.” (The psychologist) argued that by knowing one’s enemy and mimicking the zombies, not only can we figure out how they learn, but also how to teach them the wrong things.

(The English professor) energized the audience with her passionate antics and explained how “Jesus was the first zombie,” while (the engineer) got straight to his point, simply stating “As an engineer, I am very good at blowing sh-t up.”