What 2 very strange Minnesota campus clubs can offer


Minnesota is flying its freak flag, now that two of its higher-ed institutions — Carleton College and the University of Minnesota — have made USA Today’s 5 strange clubs that could enhance your resume.

The article features the U’s Campus People Watchers club. After a stint in that group, members could put down “social intelligence” as a skill on their resume:

“So ha, we aren’t creepy!” reads the online description for this University of Minnesota club. According to the website, Article 1 Section A of its constitution guarantees it. Members of this club sit on benches to watch people and write reviews of other campus organizations. They also photograph kids on leashes and Harry Potter look-a-likes at the Annual Campus People Watchers Scavenger Hunt at the Mall of America.

Other Skills to List on your resume: “Anthropology Guru,” “Psychology Expert”

Then there’s The Carleton Mustache Club, which can give its members a “professional image”:

This club of avid facial hair growers is quick to clarify that its members are not arrogant. The three goals of the club as described on the Carleton College website are “the betterment of society through the medium of volunteer labor, the promotion of glorious facial hair growth upon the upper lip, and talking like this.”

If you are a woman, do not fret. The club accepts females making “a valiant effort to produce a mustache.” The less-mustached sex, as women are referred to, should shave their face, excluding the upper lip area, in order to be considered full members.

Other Skills to List: “Impressive Vocabulary,” “Social Work”

Other Skills to Gain: “Gender Inclusivity”

Odd stuff. Read the full article here.