Todays grads: Young, broke and determined

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  • Indebted Grad Student

    As a current Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota – I can relate to the statistics and emotion that today’s undergrads are sharing.

    While I too am optimistic about my future, I fear for my generation and the severe levels of debt that we are attempting to balance.

    This issue deserves more attention then it receives. I would what the typical 50+ year old individual would say if they had to pay down over $20,000 in student debt (number would have to be adjusted for inflation) in their mid to late twenties. I believe that they would say that it 1) set their family & financial planning back and 2) they couldn’t make proactive investments in themselves in their late 20’s (i.e. new car, new house, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    May I ask: Have you had to set back financial planning for such things? And why are you still optimistic?