Oh, the drama of the Washington Avenue closure


Just had to have a little fun with this.

The University of Minnesota has been treating the closure of Washington Avenue with an almost dramatic, end-to-an-era bit of coverage on Twitpic and You-Tube.

I first noticed it when I saw the photo above on Twitter this morning with the message:

The desolation that is currently Washington Ave. on campus: Eerie, like something out of a movie.

(I do dig the shot.)

Last night, in the run-up to the street’s closure, @UMNews posted this:


@UMNews via Twitpic

Preparing to close Washington Avenue to traffic forever to make way for the light rail – deserted!

And this on Lockerz.com:

UMNews via Lockerz.com

Washington Avenue on the East Bank on campus will close to traffic permanently in a few minutes.

And wait! Could it be … ?


@UMNews via Twitpic

The last car to ever drive across Washington Avenue?

And then, perhaps, that last, misty-eyed look backward:


@UMNews via Twitpic

Cars will never again drive on this stretch of Washington Avenue.

But don’t fret!

The U is looking forward to all the coolness that Washington Avenue will bring when it rises again as a Central Corridor section in 2014: