Notes in the Margins: Wikis, defaults and bottled water

Texas college turns football field into farm In Texas, where football fields are hallowed ground, the state’s oldest historically black college is planting the seeds for community change between its fading goalposts. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Feds chase more student loan defaults The number of people who aren’t paying back their student loans is on the rise, and the government is increasingly threatening to sue them for the money. (USA Today)

College students push to restrict bottled water Bottled water: It’s a vending machine’s healthy alternative to sugary soda, a convenient way to hydrate on the go and, lately, a total faux pas on many college campuses. (The Washington Post)

University of Calif. targets out-of-state students The University of California is looking for out-of-state solutions to its money problems. Faced with sharp cuts in state funding, the 10-campus system is ramping up its campaign to recruit high-paying students from other states and countries, even as record numbers of California students seek a UC education. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Education: For More Students, Working on Wikis Is Part of Making the Grade Students in Singapore are being asked to build their own wiki pages as a way to learn to deal with the public, and other editors, online. (The New York Times)