Notes in the Margins: Sallie Mae, influential leaders and Wisconsin autonomy

Sallie Mae Cuts Interest Rates On Student Loans Sallie Mae is lowering the interest rates it charges on its student loans. But the price cut likely won’t attract a surge of new borrowers. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)

Yale Suspends Fraternity For Chants Against Women A prestigious Yale fraternity that counts both Bush presidents among its famous alumni is being banned from recruiting and activities on campus for five years after pledges were ordered to chant obscenities against women. (The Associated Press via Hartford Courant, University Business)

Arguments For Autonomy: UW Proposals Make The Case For Taking Control Faced with millions in budget cuts, most everyone agrees that Wisconsin’s public universities should gain more control over their operations. But the question is: How much control? And to whom should it be given? (Wisconsin State Journal via University Business)

Law Firms Dig Deeper in New Interviews Small tremors of change are starting to ripple at firms that seek to dig deeper into the qualifications of students, according to Kristin Archibald, director of recruitment at the Villanova School of Law. “With the change in the economy and certainly with the change in the legal market, firms are becoming more aware of their interviewing, and trying to be more careful of who they select as candidates,” she says. “They’re looking to implement new tools to do so.” (U.S. News & World Report)

Who are the most influential college leaders? I asked a few industry sources to help me compile a modest list of other influential presidents — college leaders whose words and deeds resonate across the academy, start trends, move stock prices, get quoted and so forth. Here are a few of the names that came back. (The Washington Post)