Notes in the Margins: Oral readings, methodology and the GRE

Oral readings help college students comprehend difficult texts While the oral reading is as old as literature itself, it is not the norm on campuses. But faculty members and students who have participated in such readings say the events help convey messages, engage students, and foster community on their campuses in ways that reading alone cannot do. (USA Today)

More Top-Ranked M.B.A. Programs Now Accept GRE This new trend gives prospective M.B.A. students more testing options, because almost all M.B.A. programs only accepted the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, for admission as recently as 5 years ago. One key reason why M.B.A. programs are adding the GRE as a testing option: it enables them to broaden their applicant pools and get more potential students to consider going to b-school. (U.S. News & World Report)

Transitioning out of college — and away from the health center You have your commencement cap and gown. The keg is ordered, your summer road trip is planned. But will you have health insurance through all the festivities? Now is the time to make sure. Refill all prescriptions, resolve any treatment issues, transfer from the campus health center to another provider and get a copy of your medical records. (The Washington Post)

Apps make college easier to access A small cadre of online universities is developing mobile apps to help students pursue their studies whenever and wherever they want. (USA Today)

Methodology Is More Important Than Teacher, Study Finds How you teach is more important than who does the teaching. In nearly identical classes, Canadian college students learned a lot more from teaching assistants using interactive tools than they did from a veteran professor giving a traditional lecture. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)