Klobuchar calls for more vocational-technical education


Good timing, I suppose:

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar writes in the Pioneer Press that the U.S. needs a revival of vocational-technical education for the good of both students and American business.

And timely enough, she mentions the Pathways to Prosperity report that I’ve been writing about since last week.

Among the things she says need to be reformed in the American system:

Above all, we need to change a culture that too often relegates community and technical colleges to the backwaters of higher education. Businesses will recognize the value of two-year degrees, and our entire country will benefit if we bring them back into the mainstream where they belong. …

By developing smooth pathways to a broader range of postsecondary opportunities, including high-quality technical education and apprenticeship programs, our schools will put more students on the road to success instead of leaving them at a dead-end.

She puts in a plug for Saint Paul College’s Manufacturing Technology Center and the Center for Applied Mechatronics at Alexandria Technical and Community College.

Read her full commentary here.