Why many St. Cloud students can't earn summer money for college

job sign

It’s almost time when teems take summer jobs to save up for college, among other things.

But Albany High School senior Michael Gonzales, an aspiring computer programmer who’s planning to attend St. Cloud Technical & Community College this fall, tells the St. Cloud Times that he faces a double whammy now that he can’t find work:

“I’m applying for college scholarships and a lot of the applications ask you for work experience. I’m disappointed, to say the least, that I haven’t had (a job).”

Bayley Ehlinger, 18, of Avon, has a part-time job but is looking for more hours — and tells the paper:

“I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a job. A lot of the places I applied, I never even heard back from. I applied at a bunch of pizza places and some retail stores. I basically walked around St. Cloud. When I started, I thought somebody would say ‘Yeah, can you start tomorrow?’ Now it feels like it was a big waste of time.”

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