How some students will live at Winona State University

Winona State University wants to develop “Theme Houses” around its campus — housing that has students in the same academic field living together.

The Winona Post reports:

Theme houses would house 10 to 12 students with similar academic interests, and would include a full-time residential advisor on site. The first such planned university rental would be at 377 Main Street, a home WSU already owns and plans to invest about $500,000 in renovating. The home would be themed around the university’s sustainability minor program, and would likely be fitted with geothermal and other renewable technologies.

Winona State is trying to assure wary locals:

(WSU Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services Kurt) Lohide said these university rentals would be monitored closely by residential advisors, and that they wouldn’t include unsightly aspects like paved backyards and people parking on lawns.

It seems to be part of an effort to redo the way Winona State looks at housing:

(Lohide) said alternative kinds of student housing were being explored because projections show fewer high school seniors graduating in the coming years, with colleges having to compete for students from a smaller pool.

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