When does a college education no longer seem worth the cost?

Today, MPR asks the question: When does a college education no longer seem worth the cost?

(Background: Last year, two-thirds of students who earned bachelor’s degrees graduated in debt. And total student-loan debt surpassed total credit card debt for the first time.)

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I’ve looked through a handful of comments so far, and saw this from a reader named Steve:

It’s not worth it when you see the bill from the plumber who dug up and repaired your septic system. Especially when he tells you it’s a good thing you caught him the last week in September, because he goes hunting for six weeks in October and November every year…….

  • Furguson11

    My undergraduate degree and masters got me an interview, otherwise I would not have had a chance at my job (law enforcement then criminal justice policy analysis). The cost of my education was reasonable at a state school and distance learning a decade ago. But my son(s) have to deal with an entire different cost to benefit ratio. We actually refinanced the house to deal with state college costs.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, the old college-as-a-foot-in-the-door reasoning. Was the same with me. I just hope your son gets his foot in the door as well.