Student: Why St. Cloud's smoking referendum is a sham


Ferran via Flickr

Student fuming

St. Cloud State University student Jack Lofgren states why he thinks a student referendum on campus smoking is bogus — and unfair:

The Administration said it won’t matter which way the students vote, according to SCSU’s own press release: “Regardless of student feedback, the (smoking) Task Force’s proposal will stay the same.”

The “referendum” only exists to give students the illusion of democracy. …  And why is it that Potter and SCSU’s bureaucracy wants a smoking ban so badly as to disregard the will of the student body, many of whom smoke?

Money. SCSU will receive a grant from MNSCU if our campus becomes smoke-free. So Potter and the Administration care more about making money for the university than the quality of life for students.

  • Cassidy

    Thank you for posting this link. We have known this for quite a while now but are still trying to do our part to make our voices heard. Please join SCSU Students for Smokers Rights if you would like to stay informed on what is going on!