Rosenstone's leave from the University of Minnesota is unpaid

After reading the contract for incoming MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone, I was a little curious about his ability to be on leave of absence from his tenured faculty position at the University of Minnesota. I wasn’t sure whether he’d be getting any sort of pay or accrued benefits from the U during his time away.

Here’s what U spokesman Dan Wolter told me in an e-mailed statement:

Dr. Rosenstone is being granted a three-year leave without pay from August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2014. There is no compensation during this period nor benefits. It is merely the opportunity for him to return to the Political Science Department faculty (or a related department), in his tenured position. For faculty at the U of M, there are very few benefits that are based on longevity, so this does not impact any future benefits. Should he return, he would simply restart at where he currently is, but nothing accrues during this unpaid leave.