Notes in the Margins: Strippers, cuts and the higher-ed bubble

College students to protest higher ed budget cuts Students and faculty at college campuses across the nation are preparing to protest state budget cuts they say will be devastating to higher education. (The Boston Globe)

A New Obstacle to College Appears Sophia Gimenez, a high school student from Denver, writes that she has recovered sufficiently from a recent rejection to focus on her other college choices, only to come up against a financial barrier. (The New York Times)

Survey Finds Small Increase in Professors’ Pay An annual survey finds a widening pay gap between public and private institutions, and the continuation of a long-term trend toward using non-tenure-track faculty members. (The New York Times)

Professor Suspended For Bringing Strippers To Class We’re sure it can be confusing to illustrate to students how Platonic and Hegelian ethics can be applied to business. But La Salle University professor Jack Rappoport to the task to a new level by by hiring strippers to give him and his students lap dances in class. (The Huffington Post)

Peter Thiel: We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education. Like the housing bubble, the education bubble is about security and insurance against the future..The excesses of both were always excused by a core national belief that no matter what happens in the world, these were the best investments you could make. Housing prices would always go up, and you will always make more money if you are college educated. (TechCrunch via The Huffington Post)