Notes in the Margins: Pells, optimism and the global b-school gap

The Global Business School Gap Many b-schools are trying to make inroads worldwide, but a report suggests there are still significant steps that need to be made. (U.S. News & World Report)

Pell Grant Cuts Hurt For-Profit Colleges After 8-Fold Rise For-profit colleges, led by Apollo Group Inc.’s University of Phoenix, will be disproportionately hurt by cuts in the $30 billion Pell Grant program for low- income students. (Bloomberg)

Great colleges, ignorant policies A number of colleges have failed to correct a discriminatory credit policy that is hurting the high school students trying hardest to prepare for their programs. They offer college credit to students who get good grades on Advanced Placement exams in high school but that they refuse to give the same credit to students who do well on similar International Baccalaureate Standard Level exams. (The Washington Post)

Poll: Students optimistic despite money doubts For young people who came of age in the recession, the American dream of life getting better for each new generation feels like a myth. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Newly Graduated and Scrambling For Full-Time Jobs Of the 700,000 jobs added to the economy during the first three months of this year, Andrew Sum, an economist at Northeastern University, reports that 80 percent of these jobs are for part-time work. And of these part-time workers, Sum says that college graduates under 30 have weathered a disproportionate share of the burden. (The Huffington Post)