Notes in the Margins: Pell cuts, college vouchers and immigration

Pell cuts would come late in the admissions game Quite apart from the merits of cutting Pell or not cutting Pell, there is an important question of timing. If Congress enacts Pell cuts now, colleges will have to send out another round of letters with new, lower aid figures at the very end of the admission cycle — after families have chosen colleges based partly on financial aid. (The Washington Post)

Opinion: What Colorado can teach other states about college vouchers: not much Conceptually, it was radical. In practice, there is no difference in what Colorado is doing, from the institutions’ point of view and from the students’ point of view, than from what every other state is doing that has block funding. (The Colorado Independent)

8 illegal immigrants detained at Georgia protest Eight young illegal immigrants were arrested Tuesday for sitting in the middle of a busy street in front of the Georgia Capitol, protesting their lack of access to higher education. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

N.D. education officials strongly oppose higher ed legislation If approved, a proposed overhaul would mean the end of the state Board of Higher Education and the public election of the superintendent of public instruction. (Grand Forks Herald)

UW’s Martin offers compromise plan UW Chancellor Biddy Martin has offered budget language changes aimed at giving other UW campuses more flexibility while maintaining Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal that the flagship campus gain autonomy from the rest of the UW System. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)