Notes in the Margins: Admissions, STEM standards and a conduct code

In Private School Admissions, a Firm Creates Fans and Skeptics A company in Manhattan that advertises the services of schools’ current employees or board members could be leveling the field — or contributing to the admissions frenzy. (The New York Times)

Poll: Youth without degrees at end of job line The nation’s economic upheaval has been especially hard on young people trying to start their working lives with a high school education or less. Only about a third are working full-time, compared with two-thirds of recent college grads. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

CEOs Call for New STEM Standards Business executives say the U.S. needs to improve science and math education. (U.S. News & World Report)

For-profit colleges adopt conduct code Faced with growing public scrutiny and increased federal oversight, a national group of for-profit colleges said Thursday that its members will now follow a voluntary code of conduct designed to crack down on abuses that have rocked the industry’s image. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Finances Dictating College, Career Choices No matter how many subjects they’re acing, most college students these days find economics a grind. Tricky financial calculations influence everything from what school they attend and what major they choose to how quickly they finish their degrees – or whether they graduate at all. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)